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Toe Foods

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I opened a bag of delicious cheese puffs and it occurred to me that I could have a better time eating them if I picked them up and ate them using my toes, in fact the cheese puff form factor seems engineered to fit perfectly between toes. I didn't attempt this maneuver and as it turns out these cheese puffs, they smelled similarly to stinky feet but not in a bad way. I am still trying to understand the experience, how can a food that smells like feet smell appetizing while at the same time similarly smelling stinky feet smell repulsive.

I propose a new food category with a classification system.

Toe Foods A. Foods that smell like stinky feet.

B. Foods that could be consumed using your feet.

C. Foods that should be consumed using feet and that smell like stinky feet.

D.foods that are made of someone or somethings feet.

vfrackis, Jul 28 2014

sadly B does exist for some people http://www.youtube....watch?v=tD-VuwulVgI
[xandram, Jul 28 2014]


       My 7-month-old's dream come true. She can put both feet in her mouth, simultaneously I think.   

       Have you taken a wiff of baby formula lately? Smells exactly like feet.
RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2014

       Categories A and D are widely known to exist.
pocmloc, Jul 28 2014

       I'm thinking you are a closet foot fetisher. *new word* fetisher. Read it and weep.
blissmiss, Jul 28 2014

       finger food or toe food that is the question
vfrackis, Jul 28 2014

       ew, no.
Voice, Jul 28 2014

       Tisha UnArmed (link) is pretty awesome.
normzone, Jul 28 2014

       psst, don't ask about the selection of jams. just don't   

       i like tofu.
popbottle, Jul 28 2014

       [popbottle] made me laugh. Ha.
blissmiss, Jul 29 2014

       [popbottle] stole our pun. Grrr.
8th of 7, Jul 29 2014

       It is an interesting question: how an odor disgusting in one context can be appetitive or appealing in another. I have been reading about this. I learned that cheese in general is repulsive to many Chinese - but I do not think this is genetically hardwired as Americans of Chinese descent hog down the cheese with everyone else.   

       More interesting was the preference for "catty" notes in berry flavors among Europeans and especially in the UK. Americans do not like their berry flavors to taste catty. It occurs to me: maybe 8th's cat issues have to do with a catty flavor intake less than what his heritage demands?
bungston, Jul 29 2014

       flavor? I think he would love a bundle of kittens broiled with a vinegar- herb sauce and cracked garlic on flat bread.
Voice, Jul 29 2014

       Don't be ridiculous.   

       That would ruin them. They should be lightly pan-fried in olive oil.
8th of 7, Jul 29 2014

       Soul food
bhumphrys, Jul 29 2014

       bungston "hog dow" is a great expression   

       I thought soul food was stepped on food?
vfrackis, Jul 29 2014

       No, that's sole food. You're thinking of food from Korea's capital.
Voice, Jul 30 2014

       Doritos. They're handily flat, easily gripped between the toes, and smell much like those appendages after a few days in the same socks.
spacer, Dec 30 2014


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