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World Series of Fried Chicken

Why should Kentucky have the monopoly?
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Each year, a representative of each state of your Union, and any other politically or geographically delineated area that wants to enter, turns up with a batch of its own recipe fried chicken. Entries are judged by a panel of folk who like that sort of thing and the winner gets to be the world's pre-eminent vendor of growth-hormone-saturated and savoury-coated fried poultry offcuts

And fries.

I'm imagining Ohio Fried Chicken, which would taste of rubber, or English Fried Chicken, which would taste of lard, or Texas Fried Chicken, whcih would taste bigger than everyone else's.

Murdoch, Sep 21 2006

fried chicken contest http://www2.jsonlin...01.asp?format=print
[xandram, Sep 21 2006]


       Over here in the UK, in addition to the odeous Colonel's franchise, and in order to circumvent obvious copyright laws, there are an inordinate number of 'Dallas Fried Chicken', 'Southern Fried' or 'Southern Style' Chicken shops, all of which provide to order low quality, industrialised battery-hen meat, flopped in flour and then deep fried until palatable by your chosen team of spotty adolescents. So in that respect I would suggest 'baked' (in terms of it being widely known that Kentucky has already lost its soul-foo' monopoly)
zen_tom, Sep 21 2006

       Why not have a World Chicken Nugget series instead? Why would they be so nation-defined (Scottish) by their name, McNuggets? An annual contest would decide which stereotypical national name would have the dubious honor to grace the greasy chicken lumps with their prefix/ suffix/ title/ notation/ whatever. Like Chicken O'Nuggets, Chicken HadjNuggets, Comrade Nuggets, or Nugget Chicken Sama's.
Veho, Sep 21 2006

       Not baked, zen. I'm not aware that any of those pretenders to the throne of World Champion of Flogging Stuff No-one Really Wants to Eat had to compete for the right to sell.   

       My idea is for the competition - not the variety on offer.   

       That would just be stoopid, unlike my highly workable and profuondly considered idea.   

       Veho - I'm loving your work on this. You obviously have time to waste today, too.
Murdoch, Sep 21 2006

       So this is not baseball using a chicken drumstick as a bat? Guess I've hit a fowl ball.
phundug, Sep 21 2006

       //had to compete for the right to sell.// they don't at least, not in the athletic sense. Perhaps that's a better idea - before a franchise is allowed to despoil the nation's highstreets, it needs to prove itself worthy in some form of event. Possibly doable. //unlike my highly workable and profuondly considered idea// ahh, well when you put it that way...
zen_tom, Sep 21 2006

       "Profuondly" is my favourite word. It's a bit like "profoundly" only it means "like a bit of tofu that is fondly considered by pro(fessional)s". No really.   

Murdoch, Sep 21 2006

       Indonesia has a few "California Fried Chicken" outlets. The locals believe that it is an authentic American chain of restaurants. It looked to me like it had been invented in Jakarta.   

       American barbeque styles are still distinctly regional.
baconbrain, Sep 21 2006

       I knew a wonderful Canadian lady who once barbequed a whole rack of ribs after having soaked them in a mixture of honey, hot-sauce and coca-cola (among other things) over night - they were incredible.
zen_tom, Sep 21 2006

       Y'see, My lame idea has fired up your organs of culinary weirdness. I know this is expressedly not a site for recipes, but where else would I find out that Coca-Cola could be used in a marinade?   

       Maybe instead of having ice cream in our fizzy drinks/soda/whatever we should start dropping savoury junk food into our sugary stomach-dissolvers.   

       I'm starting with a pepperami in my rum and coke after work tonight.
Murdoch, Sep 21 2006

       Dr. Pepper ussually works better for marinating pork.
discontinuuity, Sep 22 2006

       Pepperami and rum'n'coke wasn't the fabulous liquor / fizz / mechanically-reclaimed savoury meat snack explosion I'd hoped for. It doesn't have the same effect (imparting of glamour, sophistication and the cosmopolitan air of the practised cocktail whore) as the stick of celery in a bloody Mary. It's just a sausage in booze.
Murdoch, Sep 22 2006

       You have to let it marinade for a while.
Veho, Sep 22 2006

       //It's just a sausage in booze.//   

       I can't wait to say that sentence in a meaningful way when commenting on the boss' new stupid plan at the next department meeting.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 22 2006

       The world needs more 24 hour chicken joints.
Cid Pablo, May 27 2007


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