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Toilet-O Clean-O-Matic

Motorized Toilet Brush
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A battery powered toilet brush with occelating head that ejects toilet cleaner and with the push of a button toilet antiseptic, with the convenece of a extendable handle and flexi-bend handle
GhostFace Killah, May 27 2001


       ...and a built-in spell-checker.
Just use water, there's enough phosphates in the water supply as it is.
angel, May 27 2001

       I'm slightly perturbed by the possibility of an oscillating head in conjunction with fecal matter.
-alx, May 29 2001

       How? With the optional toilet-o clean-o-matic fecal avoidance goggles, cape & gloves?
-alx, May 30 2001

       No. You duck.
jutta, Jun 01 2001

       No, me tiger. <quack> He duck.   

       <Ok, I know, but I couldn't resist.>
StarChaser, Jun 02 2001

       See Pishwasher
-----, Nov 03 2004


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