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Toilet Vent

Toilet Vent pulls air out of Toilet!
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The Toilet Vent is not a new idea, I am just re-inventing it. If you think about it, when (if) someone turns the vent on in a bathroom, the air has to be sucked up through the ceiling. My idea is to place two or three small vacuum hoses to the toilet next to the tank just behind the seat. These vacuum hoses will be connected to a vacuum pump that will pull the air straight from the toilet. There will be a pressure switch located on the toilet seat to activate the vacuum pump. The pump can either filter the air being pulled and release it back into the bathroom or can be tied into the main toilet vent that goes up through the roof. What I am trying to figure out is how to get this idea marketed for selling either by myself of to a manufacturer. Any Ideas?
Chazheaart505, Jan 22 2002

Sky Toilet Horror http://news.excite....9%3A00|reuters.html
"An American woman had no need to fasten her seatbelt... after a high-pressure vacuum flush sealed her to the toilet seat..." [phoenix, Jan 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       But think of the lawsuits when people get suction-stuck to the toilet. Oh, that would never happen. What was I thinking.
quarterbaker, Jan 22 2002

phoenix, Jan 22 2002

       qb, phoe, ps: I've heard worse (but that might be urban legend).
st3f, Jan 22 2002

       There are a number of them around the world - ours is http://www.odourvac.co.nz and has been around for 8 years or so. A patent search showed patent applications going back to 1947 in New Zealand. Geoff Merryweather (Odourvac ventilation Systems
Geoffm, Nov 12 2003

       there should be an air inlet so there is no possibility of being stuck.
-----, Nov 03 2004


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