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Toilet Aspirator

Smell reduction device.
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In laboratories, there are little devices, called aspirators, or venturi vacuum pumps <link>. They use flowing water to provide a modest-volume vacuum. Now, imagine one of these is connected to a small footswitch in front of the toilet. One you can put your foot on by either sitting on, or standing in front of the toilet. The footswitch activates water flow through the aspirator. The water is regular mains water, deposited straight in to the waste pipe after the U bend. This creates an air-vacuum. This should be connected to small holes under the rim of the toilet. When running, you will now have a low pressure area in the bowl of the toilet. Any foul air that happens to find itself in the bowel will now move into those holes, and into the waste pipe.

The second conformation, the standing male-pee conformation, will also benefit. The low pressure inside the bowl will create a downward moving column of air. Helping guide any errant drops.

bs0u0155, Feb 04 2015

Aspirator http://en.wikipedia...spirator_%28pump%29
[bs0u0155, Feb 05 2015]

Pressure assisted Flushmate, in case anyone is interested https://www.flushmate.com/installation/
[dentworth, Feb 16 2015]


       No I say!
This excrement idea shall not just drop into the cesspool without a thorough flushing of the details!
It will not be wiped out in the end!

       But perhaps my praise of this concept is a bit too strongly effluvient.   

       good enough. I don't understand much of what you said but sounds good.   

       stupid low flow toilets don't have much water available (is that just a US thing?) but some now have powerful air suction to pull all the water down and I guess the fumes with it.
dentworth, Feb 16 2015

       Whenever I read this I think of a cold swirly gone on too long.
bungston, Feb 19 2015

       low flow every damn thing. It doesn't take nearly as long to fill a kettle in the UK as it does here. The worst thing is that the taps are designed to incorporate air in the stream, they're trying to trick you into thinking it's more meaty than it is.
bs0u0155, Feb 20 2015

       //foul air that happens to find itself in the bowel// - well, quite.
hippo, Feb 20 2015


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