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Toilet Literature Holder

Something to hold your newspaper, magazine, etc. while, well, you know...
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Whether at the office or in public, it's nice to have a bit to read while using the bathroom. It would be even nicer if an arm or sorts would swing away from the wall, or down from the stall's door which could hold your literature.
sanwogawoga, Nov 27 2002

adapt this one? http://www.halfbake...k_20rest_20sunshade
[po, Oct 04 2004]

set one of these beside your toilet http://www.levenger...e=Readers_Table_Two
works like a charm [mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]

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       Why can't you just hold it yourself?
mrthingy, Nov 27 2002

       Maybe [s] is to busy holding something else.   

       Still no arm done.
skinflaps, Nov 27 2002

       God gave you knees, surely?
DrCurry, Nov 27 2002


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