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Toilet Macerator

Never have a clogged toilet again
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Have a series of rotating blades in the toilet bowl to finely chop the waste product before it's flushed. As a positive side effect it'll stop people spending too much time in the lav. and will stop pets drinking from the toilet (at least they'll only do it the once!)
dare99, Feb 20 2002

(?) Toilet macerator http://www.screwfix.../product.phtml?3126
Yours for £219.00 [angel, Feb 20 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Macerating toilets https://www.amazon....s=macerating+toilet
Yours for 800 to 1100 USD [Voice, Jun 14 2016]


       I dunno, some people are just afraid to live on the edge. Defecation as an extreme sport, that's what I say.
dare99, Feb 20 2002

       Way baked (linky).
angel, Feb 20 2002

       Cool! But not really the whirling blades of death, inches from your bottom, that I envisioned.
dare99, Feb 20 2002

       When the shit hits the fan, don't come crying to me
thumbwax, Feb 20 2002

       Could double as a food processor for your larger meal projects.
bristolz, Feb 20 2002

       In Bruges five years ago we stayed at a B&B which had something like this. We were asked not to flush the toilet during the hours when people would be sleeping. Evidently the walls were too narrow for regular size pipes, and the "material" had to be chopped up to fit down the drain. Flushing was really noisy.
TeaTotal, Feb 21 2002

       In some medieval castles they have a version of this. A toilet seat-type aperture set into the stone wall. Simply crap in the hole, and your shit plummets 20 feet to the ground outside, where it will be thoroughly pulverised by the impact or passing cart wheels.
pottedstu, Feb 21 2002

       Men would be afraid of this if the blades were just inches below their privates. OWWWWWWW! but if the blades were in a tank behind the toilet like the SaniPlus (www.saniflo.com) i wouldn't be afraid.
jeffman, Apr 12 2003


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