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Tonga Wronga, dude!

It's always 6pm somewhere.
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It's 6pm in Tonga right now. The End, the selfish beautiful friend did not come as predicted by yet another false prophet.

I looked up what time zone The End was to occur. The best info I could find said ALL OF THEM at exactly 6 pm.

Ask not for whom the gong gongs, Tonga, It's Wrong for thee.

Zimmy, May 21 2011


       How do you know it didnt end? It could have been subtle.
pocmloc, May 21 2011

       Two more hours for 21st to come to an end here, nothing has happened here yet.   

       Maybe that is because I am too raptured to notice any change.
neelandan, May 21 2011

       I know the world didn't end because I got Bryers mint chocolate chip ice cream on sale, half price today.   

       That and the fact that Solomon's temple hasn't been rebuilt.   

       These money grabbing false prophets really ought to better absorb their source material.
Zimmy, May 23 2011


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