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safe flash to gibberish save

This "flash converter" technically is not using the flash format but is relying only on the content.
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This "flash converter" does not read the flash file but rather converts the content to some unreadable format.

The content owner presumably allows that. And we are not violating Adobe's rights, since they have no rights to the content.

We then provide an HTML5+js gibberish player that uses the content to present an animation, in a way that is different from Adobe player, for example playing the animation backwards. The user may choose to play it forward if they wish to do so.

And so you get to view the book of Almagest animations or other Flash content from any website.

pashute, Aug 11 2021

Meanwhile you have to suffice with watching them in the PDF format https://people.sc.f.../~dduke/animate.pdf
[pashute, Aug 11 2021]

(?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_11V25S5k0 Some lawyer is prob...and laughing at me
[pashute, Aug 11 2021]


       Why not?
pashute, Aug 11 2021

       Software patents need to go away. [+] but this would still violate the software patent. [-]
Voice, Aug 12 2021


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