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The thing [Ian Tindale] is reminded of

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Robotic children on rails jousting in an artificial environment, obviously.
hippo, Mar 29 2016

(?) Reference_20Standard_20Environment_20Set [hippo, Mar 29 2016]

Hybrid_20Railgun_20Ram_20Accelerator [hippo, Mar 29 2016]

A_20Small_20Crawling_20Child [hippo, Mar 29 2016]

The_20Bleeding_20Obvious [hippo, Mar 29 2016]

Velodrome_20jousting [hippo, Mar 29 2016]

artifical environment https://www.youtube...watch?v=yzC4hFK5P3g
[calum, Mar 30 2016]


       I knew it!
MikeD, Mar 29 2016

       I feel I can get behind this, though I would like it best if the artificial environment was like the linked video.
calum, Mar 30 2016

       This should become a regular feature wherein whatever [Ian] is currently reminded of is fed out to some location on the internet. Over time, things that other people might also be reminded of be added to the domain, or laid out like that scene from The Matrix where Neo gets to meet the architect in a room full of TV screens.
zen_tom, Mar 31 2016

       But The Thing That Ian Is Reminded Of (TTTIIRO) is a mystery - we are like naïve disciples of some nebulous religion, without access to the true TTTIIRO, perhaps not yet ready to handle its magnificence. Instead we interpret the signs that are passed down to us by our chosen prophet, these signs being the things that reminds Ian of TTTIIRO. Soon, I anticipate schisms forming between those who support one interpretation over another which will lead to centuries of mistrust and conflict between those who argue that only they have the true interpretation of TTTIIRO.
hippo, Mar 31 2016

       I eschew TTTIIRO, as do all followers of the two true cups (or was it mugs?) as heretical gnosticism of the silliest order. TTTIIRO may be manifold, or it may be a singular focal point about which the universe chaotically whorls and churns - we can never directly know such things, only share hints through whispered suggestions and ancient gestures half-glimpsed from some dark primordial phantasm.
zen_tom, Mar 31 2016

       I've forgotten what I was supposed to remind you of. I think.
blissmiss, Mar 31 2016

       I think I lost you somewhere on the way here.
pashute, Apr 02 2016

       It should be pedal-powered.
nineteenthly, Apr 03 2016

       So, like a sort of two-seater harmonium, but without the soap dish?
8th of 7, Apr 03 2016

       Don't forget exploding robot children.
guncandy, Apr 10 2016

       [ian] .... producing vast quantities of images of beautiful women I might remain interested yet have detail inflation like illuminate from sides and top with diffuse light um, yet the photo has also natural light etc etc etc   

       meanwhile, she is gorgeous.
beanangel, Apr 13 2016


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