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Two cycle dental hygiene

Two cycle mouth rinse and toothpase wipe out bacteria with different mechanisms, causing fresher breath, fewer cavities (maybe), and more delicious breakfasts
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Noting [2fries] idea about alternating pools of water that reduce algal growth [link]:

Two phase dental hygiene:it seems plausible that a harmless antibacterial at a mouth rinse might cyclically complement a harmlessly antibacterial toothpaste. I have heard cheese prevents tooth decay so perhaps an emulsified oil or cheese protein like casein at the toothpaste and some less yucky tasting ingredient from listerine could complement each other cyclically.

Then again, perhaps there is zero correlation between the number of bacteria in a mouth, the recovery time of S. mutans tooth plaque, and actual cavities. It might be a novel, potentially effective breath freshener though. P. gingivitis could be another bacteria to measure.

Another possibility is a morning mouth rinse and an evening toothpaste, each with very different ways of terminating plaque and breath scent bacteria. That way morning breakfast tastes OK rather than toothpastish.

If cycling pH can be used to reduce bacteria quantity and growth then a polyprotic fruit acid like food grade adipic acid (low pH) could be at the toothpaste and possibly a flavor-tolerable high pH magnesium containing molecule could be at the mouth rinse. Magnesium threonate tastes neutral or slightly pleasant and is even published as a nootropic.

If it is possible to demonstrate that a toothpaste/rinse cycle reduces cavities and unpleasant breath as effectively as brushing twice a day (Which I do not do) then this could take the place of some toothbrushing. The flavor of breakfast could be improved for millions of people! Minty breakfast cereal and surfactant flavor disruption would be a quaint 2019 experience.

Also, there is that fruit that makes everything taste sweet, but takes 1/2 an hour to work. If you put that at the AM mouth rinse then it might have time to work, causing breakfast to be really sweet tasting.

beanangel, Jul 16 2019

[2fries] alternates things to reduce algal growth at aquatic recreation things Aerobically_20Alternating_20Current
[beanangel, Jul 16 2019]


       Notes: moth rinse - needs magnesium.   

       {wanders in search of fresh moths}
pertinax, Jul 16 2019

       I was hoping that this was a toothbrush powered by a two-cycle gasoline engine.
discontinuuity, Jul 18 2019

       //it might have time to work, causing breakfast to be really sweet tasting// Yes, but what about adults who eat grown-up food and do not want everything to taste sweet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2019

       If 5% of people are just wild about multiapplication dental hygiene then 100 million people might go for a (profitable) midday gum booster out of 2 billion people. That is also 4 billion $ annually if a pack of gum is $1, and they use it 40 weeks a year.   

       Yet a third different physiologically harmless approach to being bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal could be in the gum. Perhaps there is something that looks sort of like the choline molecule that is an emulsifier that would work.   

       I have not heard of looking for antibiotics in yeast, but perhaps there is protein or peptide that naturally occurs in yeast, neutralized by stomach acid, they could could just grow and concentrate a few thousand times.   

       I am a little more enthused about this idea as I read that gingivitis and periodontitis might be associated with 20-48% of cardiovascular disease.
beanangel, Jul 18 2019

       I would try it. [+]   

       You appear to be only the 27th person to use or mention the word "toothpastish" on the surface web. I guess that makes me the 28th.
notexactly, Jul 20 2019

       Another likely harmless thing that could be a cycle at a two or three gingivitis and periodontitis preventer and breath scent odor-precluder could be the protein-lytic molecules known as proteases.   

       Some enzymes that digest proteins that are already mass produced are things like trypsin and pepsin, notably these are harmless if digested.   

       Proteases might work especially well with gum as the gum lasts at the mouth a few minutes and is plausibly delicious and used a few times every 24 hours. Also with gum it is imaginable that the person might chew 3-11 pieces of a delicious gum each 24 hours, and if each piece of gum had a different protease or other proteolytic enzyme they could get several cycles of harmless-to-humans, fully stomach digested bacteriocides each 24 hours.   

       It is possible all the gum could have the same delicious flavor, but if there were flavor differences then it could be at like a 3 or 7 different flavor pack like peppermint/ juicyfruit/ wondermint/ "fruit stripe".
beanangel, Jul 21 2019


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