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Vitamin enhanced toothpaste
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We all brush our teeth, well I hope we all do. How about tooth paste that is enhanced with vitamins? As you brush it gets absorbed through the oral membrane. Or toothpaste that is full of caffiene. Why waste 20 sleepy mins in the morning while the coffe brews when you can get your fix right after the morning squirt?
AUGGIE, Sep 25 2006

Vitamin C Toothpaste (2003) http://www.taisho.c.../2003/03_0512-e.htm
In Japan, they have everything. [jutta, Sep 25 2006]

Sodium / calcium ascorbate http://www.nutri.com/prices/whchc.html
"never use ascorbic ACID on teeth" [Shz, Sep 26 2006]

caffiene toothpaste Am_20toothpaste_2c_20PM_20toothpaste
"half baked?" [fearlessatmosphere, Sep 27 2006]

Vitamin A toothpaste http://www.gaba.com...nal_toothpaste.html
[fearlessatmosphere, Sep 27 2006]


       Fluoridated toothpaste has been around for a long time, and they're still arguing over whether it helps any. (I concede that is a mineral rather than a vitamin, but same difference in terms of ingestion.)
DrCurry, Sep 25 2006

       <i> they're still arguing over whether it helps any.</i>   

       They are? Dentists and oral surgeons aren't. There is some question about how much good flouride does for adult teeth, but the benefits for developing teeth are very clear.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 26 2006

       //they// could be anyone. I'll argue about anything.
po, Sep 26 2006

       I read a study recently that showed a possible benefit to brushing with vitamin C. My reaction was - you put ascorbic *acid* on your teeth? Who thought *that* would be a good thing to try? Now I see it baked in toothpaste. Maybe they use some other form of vitamin C.
Shz, Sep 26 2006

       Learn something new every day... <link>
Shz, Sep 26 2006

       I just rub a gram of cocaine onto my gums every morning instead of brushing, or coffee. Sorts me right out!
Azazello, Sep 26 2006

       If you brush your teeth with garlic even plaque won't stick around.   

       What is this brushing teeth that everyone is talking about? Meh...
fearlessatmosphere, Sep 27 2006

       What "oral membrane"? Isn't that something that exists in embryos before development of a mouth, or for that matter, the ability to brush one's teeth.
Murdoch, Sep 27 2006


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