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Zombie Toothpaste2

Two Exotic "Flavors"
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Once (in the very near future) zombies destroy all that is known for humanity and roam freely on Earth, they will start forming social boundaries within each other and where would you be with zombie breath!

Zombies probably have more tolerance to chemical products, so the first two products to hit the shelf would be;

Arctic Bleach Floral Formaldehyde

Someone has to market to zombies when the day comes, so why not now?

Jerk, Nov 15 2008

Hellfare http://irrationalth...08/11/hellfare.html
[quantum_flux, Nov 15 2008]


       [+] because it at least shows you're a forward thinking liberal.
quantum_flux, Nov 15 2008

       [editorial hint: When you're making a list, such as your list of flavors, you can get line breaks between the individual items by adding <br> at the end of each line. E.g.,   

       Arctic Bleach<br>
Floral Formaldehyde

       You don't need <br> anywhere else - the double line breaks between paragraphs take care of themselves.
Feel free to delete this note if you don't need it anymore.]
jutta, Nov 15 2008

       what qf said - now start thinking about a zombie deodorant...   

       qf - sp: decent
po, Nov 15 2008

       Probably need a line in "dental fixative" as well for when their teeth start falling out of their decaying gums ......
8th of 7, Nov 15 2008


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