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Toothpaste Sandwiches

Minty, creamy, and nothing but smiles!
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Created and developed by me and my peers here at rehab; who have to be up, dressed, and have had something to eat before getting our meds. (Two proverbial birds, with one handy stone/sandwich.)

Toothpaste Sandwiches:

Aqua Gel on Whole Wheat, with a side of floss

Creamy Colgate on San Francisco Sour Dough....

blissmiss, Aug 08 2010

Peanut Butter Toothpaste - YUM! http://petsupplies....ct~19708/?aff=gbase
[Grogster, Aug 08 2010]

Youtube: Al Bundy makes a Toothpaste Sandwich http://www.youtube....watch?v=tYifMohjv54
[jutta, Jun 18 2011]

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       Bun here for the sandwich [+] but bone for the toothpaste [-] but then bun again if you start making them out of peanut butter toothpaste [+]. Who says toothpaste has to be minty (present company excepted)? [link]
Grogster, Aug 08 2010

       The need to brush teeth can be completely removed by the simple act of drinking lots and lots of Coca-Cola™. Very soon, your teeth will rot and fall out, thus removing the need to brush.
8th of 7, Aug 08 2010

       Toothpaste sandwiches were mentioned in a _Pogo_ comic strip back in the mid-1900s.   

       Not that it is a big deal, I just want to mention _Pogo_ to anyone not familiar.
baconbrain, Aug 08 2010

       How about a toothbrush made out of bread? Then you could eat it after brushing.
DrWorm, Aug 08 2010

       Yaz..., [Dr.Worm], I'll ask the others.
blissmiss, Aug 08 2010

       I once had a radical acquaintance whose diet, he claimed, required no oral hygiene. High in fiber, low carbs, high fat (vegetable), protein obviously, and I think he drank hot unsweetened beverages such as various teas (non-caffeinated). He wasn't a health nut, just an anticapitalist.
rcarty, Aug 09 2010


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