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Torpedos in Tuxedos

"That's not a penguin. That's a space station. I mean, torpedo."
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A torpedo designed to simulate a non-offensive sea animal, like a penguin, in order to get close to a submarine without arousing suspicion.

In addition to the penguin model that inspired this idea, you could launch a school of dolphin-torpedos. Also, a school of fish-shaped charges being dragged forward by a motor concealed in the swarm.

notmarkflynn, Mar 11 2006

http://www.awionlin...nter03/0103p15a.htm [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 12 2006]

State of the art U.S. sub http://www.mymerced...antsdelicollage.jpg
[jellydoughnut, Mar 12 2006]

Shachihoko robot (w/ quicktime video) http://www.we-make-...archives/008111.php
Maybe something more like this? [jutta, Mar 12 2006]


       Maybe they could quack?
jutta, Mar 11 2006

       Picturing the penguins from the animated film Madagascar.
methinksnot, Mar 11 2006

       I don't think penguins quack. It would be funny to fix small microphones to dolphins, tuna, and penguins that produce the same sound signature of a missile of the same size.
jellydoughnut, Mar 12 2006


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