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SDI: Sodapop Defense Initiative

"Mountain Dew 'em from orbit"
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In the spirit of the unsuccessful Reagan era idea of surrounding the earth with space based laser platforms, the investment group behind such great ideas as "Low Budget Spacecraft", "LPelletG Stove", and "Tremorless Tools", now bring you - (fanfare flourishes)

The Sodapop Defense Initiative.

Remember the private group that launched their own satellite system in an attempt to take over the cellphone world? We were able to acquire their assets for pennies.

We are now orbiting a halo of remote control soft drink dispensers, which have been hardened to withstand the rigors of space and fitted with communications technology.

Have no fear, command and control security has been addressed by Halfbakery grade consultants.

At a moments notice, SDI can deliver a volley of highly agitated soft drink containers to targets around the world.

We pride ourselves on our munitions having a short half-life, and limited environmental effect. Collateral damage is minimal, and the economics of reloading is based upon sales at the local megamarket.

normzone, Apr 21 2006

I tried to resist, I really did. Soda_20Defense_20System
[normzone, Apr 21 2006]

Low Budget Spacecraft Low_20budget_20spacecraft
[normzone, Apr 21 2006]

LPelletG Stove LPelletG_20Stove
[normzone, Apr 21 2006]

Tremorless Tools Tremorless_20Tools
[normzone, Apr 21 2006]

Ronnie on the stump http://www.cnn.com/...ts/starwars.speech/
[normzone, Apr 21 2006]


       You had me at Mountain Dew. I don't even care what the idea is. + Go Yellow #5 !
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 21 2006

       You ever been pegged in the head with a soda can, [Brau]?   

       I'm with spoon there - you had me at Mt. Dew. Its "Zero proof hillbilly moonshine!"
Letsbuildafort, Apr 21 2006


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