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Tortoise Coaster + (bonus!) A Moveable Feast

At last a practical use for Amy.
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It's easy to get stuck in one place at a party and forget to mingle. Using the new Tortoise Coaster service, this won't be a problem at your next party. Using Tortoise Technology*, a waist-height coaster is provided for each party attendee. This coaster does more than support your guests' drinks, it provides for random mixing of guests. Each Tortoise Coaster moves slowly and randomly around the room, moving the guest's drink and therefore the guest with it.

* Tortoise Technology consists of a tortoise with a pedastool attached to it's back.

Optional Modification: (A Moveable Feast, by [Tiger Lily])

Dinner plates sit atop shallow lighted fish bowls, an optical sensor in the base controlling a drive system based on the motions of the fish.

Worldgineer, Nov 03 2003

Roaming Bar Stools http://www.halfbake...ming_20Bar_20Stools
Reminded me of this [Helium, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Tortoise Coaster http://www.geocitie...ortoisecoaster.html
Something like this. Sorry about the no-talent artwork and blatant image theft. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       very Pratchett!
po, Nov 03 2003

       Oh, Worldgineer! I've been robbed! Now my own idea is reduced to being merely an obligatory annotation.<sob>   

       My idea was to have dinner plates sit atop shallow lighted fish bowls, an optical sensor in the base controlling a drive system based on the motions of the fish.   

       It WOULD have been called, "A Moveable Feast"...   

       <more sobs>   

       Have a soggy bun would ya. ;b
Tiger Lily, Nov 03 2003

       Sorry, [Lily]. I can share though. I'll trade you a drawing of your idea for title and idea space.
Worldgineer, Nov 03 2003

       Sorry, World, I'm having one of those days comprehending simple deals... who gets the drawing?
Tiger Lily, Nov 03 2003

       So, not at all related to that recent "amusement park for the fragile and wimpy" (or whatever it was called) idea we had here recently?
half, Nov 03 2003

       The other version may be. I haven't dreamed it up yet.
Worldgineer, Nov 03 2003

       Strap a light to her, and bake [blissmiss]'s "Roving Bedroom Nightlight" idea. With permission, of course. I see that you've already incorporated the water-container portion as well ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 03 2003

       World, you would have to wait until Christmas before I could do it. So, consider it yours, free to use now, just do me the favor of posting a photo of yourself with Amy in her pedastool. Please, I insist.
Tiger Lily, Nov 03 2003

       [Lbaf] Oooh. I like that.   

       [TL] I'll pass on the photo if you don't mind.
Worldgineer, Nov 03 2003

       I'll settle then for the function that provides me perpetual spin inside of a motorized iceglobe.
Tiger Lily, Nov 03 2003

       Awesome! Could be done with old cats and dogs too. They move reaaaaaally slowly (if ever).
Pericles, Nov 03 2003

       Um, if they're not moving, they may be past old.
half, Nov 03 2003

       Damn! So THAT was the smell bothering me!
Pericles, Nov 03 2003

       I like the combination of [Tiger Lily] and my idea. There's something beautiful about the idea of fish swimming above and tortoises walking below, creating a dynamic slow swirling of guests.
Worldgineer, Nov 08 2003

       //At last a practical use for Amy.//   

       I've got a rather large red-eared slider. If you make a jumper from an electrostatic dusting cloth, they can earn their keep by cleaning behind the furniture. Try it, it works and it's fun to watch.
lintkeeper2, Nov 09 2003

       Additional feature: If you'd like to stay where you are for a while, just drop some lettuce or tomato.   

       <off topic>Removing [LBAF]'s link to [blissmiss]'s "Roving Bedroom Nightlight", which was good but now is gone.</off topic>
Worldgineer, Mar 12 2004

       +.......I'll have a SLOW Gin Fizz...(made with Vodka of course)
xandram, May 11 2006


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