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Drinks Bandolier

bandolier for canned drinks
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Normal six packs of beer are wasteful in terms of the plastic that gets ripped off and thrown all over the place. The modern youth is also not satisfied with a mere six pack, when what they really want is about twenty four cans for a good binge.

If they were to arrive at the local off- license with a drinks bandolier, possibly to be named the Cans-dolier, they would find the answer to both their problems.

Drinks Bandolier is an over the shoulder belt, just like a normal bandolier but with bigger holding loops built into it, to grip the cans. It operates in the opposite way to a machine gun belt feed. The Drinks Bandolier gets fed into a slot in the drinks cabinet, emerging on the other side with each of its loops filled with the pre- selected cans of choice.

Once filled, the happy customer then emerges with his/her weekend's supply slung over one shoulder, or both if intent on having a serious session.

xenzag, Sep 29 2006

Tequila Bandolier http://www.iwantone...andolier/index.html
[zen_tom, Sep 30 2006]

Shotgun Bandolier http://www.kirkpatr.../product/h_1910.htm
Like this, only with cans instead of cartridges [xenzag, Oct 02 2006]


       These would sell like hot-cakes.   

       I've seen girls with vodka bandoliers, each loop containing a shot-glass. Vodka girl strides up before settling into a stance where she balances a large bottle of vodka on one of her provocatively jutting hips and asks the gents whether they'd like to sample her wears.
zen_tom, Sep 29 2006

       (sp. "wares") - I think "provocatively jutting hips" are supposed to distract you from watered-down vodka.
hippo, Sep 29 2006

       Overpriced, not always watered down. Drunk men buy more drinks from pretty women.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 29 2006

       Where I live we like our beer warm, but cold packs are a possible refinement.
xenzag, Sep 30 2006

       //we like our beer warm//

       Not that I'm advocating binge drinking, but a six shooter pistol shaped dispenser to shotgun a beer at the press of a trigger would complete the ensemble.   

       and spurs.   

       Naw, the six shooter has whiskey.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 01 2006

       A question for any old western gunslingers: If you got shot in the bandoliers, would it make your bullets (so stored) go off? Or might it act as a crude form of body armour - albeit on the skimpy side?
zen_tom, Oct 02 2006

       The bandolier more likely contained rifle shells rather than pistol.   

       And remember that most of the shell is a thin brass casing filled with propellent.   

       The only solid bit is the actual bullet in the front.   

       The brass casing is not going to absorb much momentem, and once it is shattered the propellent is not terribly dangerous.   

       If the arriving bullet were to scrape the back of the shell just right, it might ignite the primer and fire the shell, but that seems terribly unlikely. And at that point the bullet fired into your chest is likely to be more dangerous than the one firing on your chest.   

       The final case would be if the incoming bullet hit the actual bullet end of the shell in the bandolier. Glancing hits are just going to change the penetration trajectory slightly. A direct hit of the incoming shell precisely on the midline of the bullet might reduce the penetration potential, but it might also shatter both bullets into fragments, all travelling into your chesl.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 02 2006

       //(sp. "wares")//   

       I thought the original was not a mistake but was intended as a pun!   

       She WEARS the bandolier and vodka glasses, so her WEARS ;-)
webfishrune, Oct 03 2006

       //Where I live we like our beer warm//   

       Where I live (the UK) the correct cellar temperature for UK-style bitters and ales is about 13 deg C, so cool not cold. It tastes best this way.
webfishrune, Oct 03 2006

       //It tastes best this way// - to you, but not to me and my friends in The Advanced Society of Warm Beer Drinkers, and Crisp Enumerators
xenzag, Oct 03 2006

       Although not personally a beer drinker, It sounds like a top idea to carry a half carton of rum cans, as long as their icy cold, and it can carry a pack of smokes too. twas a bugger of a night when i could have used one of these, i got bogged 4 km's out of town, drunk/ barefoot, and dark, and one of these would have kept a hand free for me to throw rocks at the wallabies. two thumbs up mate!!
Stork, Oct 03 2006

       //to you, but not to me and my friends in The Advanced Society of Warm Beer Drinkers, and Crisp Enumerators//   

       Fair enough, each to his own beverage temperature!
webfishrune, Oct 03 2006


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