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Freeze dried beer - for easy transportation
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It's been done for coffee, but could freeze drying be the next logical step for beer-lovers? How many times have you longed for your favourite beer but been unable to get it when you travel? Never mind "sampling the local delicacies" - tried it and they just can't compare to my favourite Scottish ale. Then there's the issue of volume, weight and storage - how much easier to keep granules/ powder in the cupboard and make up as required, with water at whatever temperature you like. This product should consist of "just-add-water" type granules, allowing you and your friends to have your favourite beer to hand whenever and wherever! Like coffee it may not be as tasty as the real thing but it should be a whole lot better than the beer lottery you might otherwise have to endure.
fjd21, Apr 03 2001

Must have GIZMOS: Powdered Alcohol http://outhouserag....owdered_alcoho.html
No beer yet. (Linked to the blog for the English description; the actual website mentioned, subyou.de, is German.) [jutta, May 19 2006]


       Why not beer fizzy candy, a la Alchy-Pop-Rocks?
absterge, Apr 04 2001

       what about Beercaine, the Beer You Snort?
AfroAssault, Apr 07 2001

       Baked. I made a beer cordial a few years ago, based on the style of a Northern English beer - Theakstons Old Peculier. Very dark, malty beer with a very distinctive taste, and almost impossible to get outside the North of England.   

       The cordial looked like treacle and needed to be watered down about 5:1. It didn't go off over time either - I made around 8 pints of cordial which lasted me a good nine months of drinking.   

       Taste wasn't quite up to the original, but it was still better than the Courage Best served in my then local.
mboxwell, Apr 07 2001

       Yes, Beer Concentrate might be more viable, have it come highly carbonated in a strong can. Just poor & add water to have a pitcher of beer!   

       But then, why not just carry a can of beer...
Aahz, Jun 28 2001

       Bloody hell! I was thinking about Beer Bags (just add alcohol and water) and did a quick halfbakery search on 'Beer'. I give up!

Note to mboxwell. I used to live next to a free house offy that sold Old Peculiar and (better) Sam Smith's bottled mild (just open the bottle and breathe in). Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
DrBob, Jun 30 2001

       The alcohol would be the problem. If you had a can of alcohol and carbonated water you could pour in KOOL-AID's " Bud " or " Coor's " flavor. French wine flavors would be good too or spearmint, for when you had to go back to work. Since nobody really likes the taste of beer I think the beer flavor would be the worst seller.
KindlyRat, Jul 01 2001

       Completely incorrect. Maybe people who drink Budwater don't like the taste, but those of us who drink things like Guinness do.
StarChaser, Jul 01 2001

       Well said Starchaser.

Note to jutta: Isn't it about time we were allowed to give croissants to particularly incisive annotations?
DrBob, Jul 01 2001

       [Star]: The advantage of Coor's and English lager is that they don't really *have* any taste, just the sensation of cold-and-fizzy-with-a-slight-tang-of-rusty-tin-cans.
angel, Jul 02 2001

       English Lager? Where?
DrBob, Jul 02 2001

       Sorry, [DrBob], I meant the popular English *version* of lager; Foster's, Carlsberg, Stella Tortoise and the like. In fact, even Beck's, which is claimed to be German, is made in UK. (My local has a *real ale* lager, which is, apparently, excellent.)
angel, Jul 02 2001

       Nice to see the NTNOCN reference slipping in there, angel.

I recommend Budvar, the original Czech bottled lager . Make sure it's cold! (and don't accept Budweiser as a substitute). I could do with one now as it happens. I'm boiling my brains out in this bloody office!
DrBob, Jul 02 2001

       Angel, if all you want is to get drunk, that's fine. I like the taste of Guinness and the few other beers I drink. <Been wanting to try some of the other Stouts, but it's hard to find them in the area.>   

       I'll buy a sixpack and it'll last me a month. I don't drink a lot of beer at a time, but I do enjoy what I do drink.
StarChaser, Jul 02 2001

       [Start]: I'm not knocking Guinness, I quite like the fella. And I'd prefer to drink a good-tasting but relatively weak real ale than a strong 'lager' that tastes like fizzy rats' piss.
angel, Jul 03 2001

       DrBob: yeah, this site seems to provoke discussion, but theres no real way of checking to see if you`ve got a reply - seems the best you can do is Search for your nickname and hope who-ever replied to you quoted it in full, and didnt just post! Maybe look into the Scoop engine? Or Slashcode. Both of which support moderation, rating of comments etc. Then again, perhaps its deliberate, to discourage conversation, and focus our minds on the issue at hand?! :)
Pallex, Jul 03 2001

       yeah maybe you could even encase it in capsules and just shove one up your ass when breath is an issue of concern. beer suppositories.
burble, May 30 2003


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