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Out of the rain and snow...snug as a bug
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Borrowing a bit from the turtle and a bit from Thoreau, each American is entitled to a clean, sanitary 90 gallon trash toter on wheels. It would be durable, portable and, at least initially, sanitary. Imagine the sight of hundreds of homeless(no more !) arising from their variegated Toters at dawn...kind of like a huge game of Whack-a-Bum". It's one small step toward the American dream of home ownership!
727sheridan, Mar 17 2004

Trash Toter http://www.fm.arizo...hics/Blue%20Bin.jpg
Good protection from the elements, but short on utilities. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

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       I thought it was a car. silly me!
po, Mar 18 2004

       [UB] - there are other countries besides the U.S. of America??
benjamin, Mar 18 2004

saker, Mar 18 2004

       //other countries besides the U.S. of America??   

       No, it's just a really good reality show they're all watching
theircompetitor, Mar 18 2004


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