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Venetian Blinds to the Homeless

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... because what they need more than your pity, is a bit of bloody privacy
brandnewheavy, Dec 04 2003


       Welcome [brand new]. Where are these blinds to be hung, distributed, and/or stored? And isn't giving a set of venetian blinds to homeless persons another form of pity? And why is your pity better than my pity?   

       Where is the invention?
k_sra, Dec 04 2003

       ... thank you for the welcome ... maybe I should add that they need money and accomodation, above venetian blinds, but all of these above pity.   

       Its not an invention, its an idea. I've been lurking for quite a while and I think I can post ideas?
brandnewheavy, Dec 04 2003

       are there different forms of pity [k_sra]?   

       think you can post ideas as well as inventions here [brandnew] so welcome.   

       this idea is a bit short of taste but high on quirkiness. Looks like [benfrost] might have a rival...
jonthegeologist, Dec 04 2003

       don't benfrost's idea usually involve bodily fluids ?
SystemAdmin, Dec 04 2003

       Yes, but never poo-poo.   

       [johngeologist], that's just my point. I don't think there are very significant types of pity, only different actions brought out by that pity or some other emotional stimulus. [brandnew] condemns our pity and then proceeds to hang useless accoutrements on the local destitute out of some sort of ... pity.
k_sra, Dec 04 2003

       tis a fair point, [brandnew's] idea is crass but I don't think he/she is condemning our pity to the homeless. If anything [brandnew] could be making a point that we often pity the homeless (hell, its hard not too), but that pity is as useful as venetian blinds.
jonthegeologist, Dec 04 2003

       Ahem. Then I see no idea in it only a slap in our collective faces and a waggling finger. What's new or interesting about that?
k_sra, Dec 04 2003

       Why not go the whole hog and give them an entire house?
lostdog, Dec 04 2003

       surely "venetian blinds FOR the homeless" ?
neilp, Dec 05 2003

       fair point, well annoed.
jonthegeologist, Dec 05 2003

       [tsuka] am trying not to smile at that suggestion ...
jonthegeologist, Dec 05 2003

       Why would our homeless want blind Venetians? Couldn't they just buddy up to the homeless right in Venice and see how that works out first before we go importing them?   

       just use the big scree tv box, cut out a little hole for the window:)
romanmar, Dec 05 2003

       "NeEd Money foR a coordinating valance."
Amos Kito, Dec 05 2003


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