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Urban Tauntaun

As the nights draw in, snuggle up in the fleshy warmth of a council-provisioned Tauntaun
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A herd of the Hoth-indigenous creatures is driven through major cities by council- employed shepherds. On cold nights, anybody requiring somewhere warm for the night has the option (but not the obligation) to cuddle one for the night.

On particularly cold evenings, a small but sharp knife is provided strapped to the tauntaun with instructions that read along the lines of "In case of cold, disembowel along dotted line."

Zeuxis, Dec 06 2013

Tauntauns http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tauntaun
[Zeuxis, Dec 06 2013]

dead_20Tauntaun_20sleeping_20bag [FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2013]

Bad!... Bad science! http://io9.com/5931...the-tauntauns-belly
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       If I recall correctly, the phrase "three-dog night" refers to a night cold enough that you need 3 dogs to join you on a bed, to keep warm through the night. So, if you have an arbitrary number of tauntauns available, you should not need to use that knife, because there is more than one way to become surrounded by tauntaun.
Vernon, Dec 06 2013

       Yes, but ultimately the decision must be made: are three tauntauns smellier on the outside than one tauntaun on the inside?
Alterother, Dec 06 2013


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