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Universal Keyless Entry

One key, all doors.
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Design locks such that they open when provided with a signal, or when a key is used. Ok, this is already done - here's the twist. Add a button that allows you to add a transmitter to the authorized list when the physical key is in the lock. You now have a way of getting into your house, your car, and your office all with one key. You can also add houseguests to your allowed entry list, using their own key.
Worldgineer, Sep 13 2005

The Dial-a-lock and the Doorknob Key Cutter The_20Dial-a-lock_2...knob_20Key_20Cutter
Similar idea using physical key - and shameless plug. [phoenix, Sep 14 2005]

Biometric doorknob http://www.engadget...etrics-to-doorknob/
[Dub, Feb 01 2006]


       I gotta be honest, I would prefer no key at all. The big issue for residential is getting current to the lock, I would think. Doors are just not built for that. A push button mechanical winds up being much more easy to install.
theircompetitor, Sep 13 2005

       //no key at all// //push button mechanical // Piezoelectric fingerprint-ID entry system? Tell me more.
Worldgineer, Sep 13 2005

       of course it's doable, just expensive. The thick magnetic type locks don't necessarily fit in the type of door you'd want in your house, etc.   

       There's also the slight issue of safety. Does the lock stay locked when power goes out? I suppose you'd need a backup battery.   

       I actually looked into to doing this for the house, but wound up settling on the mechanical version, and of course the garage opener is keyless.   

       My car is keyless for entry and even driving (key fab has to be in your pocket). Very convenient, except in those cases where you've left the car in the garage, walked away, and got charged the roller skates fee.
theircompetitor, Sep 13 2005

       In New Zealand I met a lot of people who don't lock their doors at all, there was no need. I whish that mentality would spread.
zeno, Sep 13 2005

       Where exactly was that, [zeno]? I'm just guessing it must have been in a smaller community somewhere; most people I know (in the cities) lock their doors.
Adze, Sep 13 2005

       Ok, I'll admit it was in Weka Weka, but still.
zeno, Sep 14 2005


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