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Tour de France Google Streetview

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If a Google Streetview car travelled with the Tour de France 'caravan' (all the cars that go through before the cyclists) there would be a full set of imagery for the route, with cheering spectators, signage etc., which could be used on video-projection screens around static bicycle trainers to make it seem like you're riding the Tour.
hippo, Jul 10 2014

Tour de France Exercise Bike http://www.proform....=proformTDFbike2012
Not quite what you are after but it does the link up with Google maps. [DrBob, Jul 11 2014]


       Isn't google required to blur faces in European Street View? That would kind of put a damper on the "cheering spectators" bit. Otherwise, bun.
MechE, Jul 10 2014

       Blue faces? I can't see what the fascination is with the tour de france esp the bit in the UK!
po, Jul 10 2014

       Yes - it's part of a sponsorship deal by the creators of Smurfs
hippo, Jul 11 2014

       Sorry- "blur" fixed.
MechE, Jul 11 2014

       (I looked for serveral minutes for a slur. Glad you fixed it. Was hoping that was not the case.)   

       The idea would be cool. +
blissmiss, Jul 11 2014

       [+] bun from lazy me who could never ride that much!!
xandram, Jul 11 2014

       Maybe some pics covered with a pop-up "Caution - you won't be able to un-see this. [look] [skip]"
lurch, Jul 11 2014

       It's get a bun if you can replace all the French bits of scenery with, for example, English bit of scenery...   

       As they are going into the final straight (background over-written by images of Hyde Park corner/Marble Arch or summat)
not_morrison_rm, Jul 11 2014


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