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transparent walls

record of build structure so nogs can be hit.
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Use a smart phone or tablet to get video of open walls, floors. This data, combined with orientation data, can then be processed to give an overlay of closed in structures. Video would have to be used because plan data might not be a built reality.

So no matter how you swing the tablet cam the bones of the situation would be virtualized. No more sinking feeling as the screw or nail hits nothing. Of course, no good to the builder with that perfect memory.

This would work for past electrical, plumbing and data lines.

wjt, Mar 11 2012

http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Noggin_the_Nog [not_morrison_rm, Mar 12 2012]


       My drywall and I need this app.
Alterother, Mar 11 2012

       After reading the summary I couldn't wait to find out what a snog was and why I might want to hit one.   

       I know what a 'snog' is; had a bit of one with T.G.F.J. before she went off to work this morning. As for a 'nog', I just assumed it was a Britishism for 'stud' (the kind found inside the wall).
Alterother, Mar 11 2012

       Nog, I meant nog.   

       hmmm, nuthin freudian goin on with that mistype there at all...   

       It seems that 'nog' is what New Zealanders call 'nogging'. ('Blocking' in America).
spidermother, Mar 11 2012

       Not that 'blocking' is in any way an ambiguous term...
Alterother, Mar 11 2012

       But surely this can only be applied to <shudders> buildings constructed since the advent of electronic cameras?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2012

       Shirley, this was made clear in the first line of the description. It strikes [The Alterother] as obvious that mid- construction images must be captured with the so-enabled device (or another compatible device with the same app).
Alterother, Mar 11 2012

       Yes, how does one "open" a six foot thick masonry wall, or a parquet floor?
pocmloc, Mar 11 2012

       //Not that 'blocking' is in any way an ambiguous term...// In the context of timber framing, it refers to the short pieces of wood (usually) at right angles to the long, main members; in that context, it's not ambiguous, much as the meaning of 'tack' is less ambiguous when the context is understood to be welding.   

       They're especially difficult to find, because their spacing is less predictable and they are usually not betrayed by fasteners. I assume that's why they're the focus of this idea.
spidermother, Mar 11 2012

       // Yes, how does one "open" a ... wall ... or ... floor? //   

Alterother, Mar 11 2012

       see link if that helps with Nog, although it probably doesn't
not_morrison_rm, Mar 12 2012

       Genius. There could be some CAD app that reads the architectural plans as well. Not that buildings ever deviate from the blueprints... nah, that never happens...
RayfordSteele, Mar 12 2012

       [+] this is so practical...I can't believe it's not used already!!
I mean they should take the photo *before* they put the walls up!
xandram, Mar 12 2012

       it really, really needs to be baked.
Voice, Mar 12 2012

       Definitely possible to do this after the fact with high precision sonar (or, you know x-ray). The equipment to do it would be fairly expensive, but I can picture it as a service. Purchase of the app includes the scanning.
MechE, Mar 12 2012


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