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Wristband Child Locator App

Trampoline Park /Theme Park
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This app links to the park network service to find a digital tag wristband and adds an augmented reality icon that hovers over your child's head, to help you locate them in crowds.
RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2022


       Actually, forget the icon. Overlay their body with a custom cartoon character of their real personality.
RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2022

       Make the band out of kevlar and steel cable, so a would-be kidnapper can't simply cut it off the child. Although, I can't help wonder what the advantage of this is over something like Apple's Airtag. It uses augmented reality and has an on-screen arrow that points at the tag you're tracking. In a super crowded place like a theme park, there's going to be PLENTY of iPhones (or even Samsungs if you want to use their version) to provide an unbroken tracking network.
21 Quest, Apr 01 2022

       I am shocked to find out they don't have this already. Wait, here's an adjunct bonus feature, speaking of "shocked", and I was, why not give the little shit a gentle shock through the wristband, that lets them know they best never wander off again.
blissmiss, Apr 01 2022

       Inventive, useful [++] and creepier than Hunter Biden reading a fairy tale to a classroom of 12 year olds whilst sweating profusely[-]
Voice, Apr 01 2022

       Good idea. Surprised it hasn't been done yet. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 02 2022

       That's the thing though. It kinda HAS been done. That's pretty much exactly how Apple's Airtag works.
21 Quest, Apr 02 2022

       Your proposed system does absolutely nothing to prevent a stalker from still concealing something like an Airtag, Smart Tag, or Tile tracker on someone to follow them off- site. It's not like having a proprietary tracking system of your own somehow negates the existence or threat that those pose.   

       What network are you proposing to make this work, by the way? WiFi? Because I don't think WiFi provides that kind of fine location ability you're describing. That's a function of ultra wideband. The ability to point at a specific item within a WiFi network is one that doesn't exist to my knowledge.   

       Now, if you had the wrist tracker actually connected to multiple routers simultaneously, you might be able to concoct an app that triangulates its position and might be able to do this. But currently I'm not aware of any device that can establish multiple WiFi connections. The battery would be shot within an hour.   

       Also, the inability of your proposed device to track anyone outside the park is, in my view, a weakness not a strength. If a child abductor manages to get a kid out of the park, you've no ability to help authorities locate him. Using one of the existing tracking systems provides some hope at least of finding a missing child who's wound up outside the park, and you could easily buy a bunch of iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones for the park and have them positioned strategically around the park so there are no gaps in the location field. That seems a lot stronger than a proprietary system based on dubious tech.
21 Quest, Apr 02 2022

       Know what else does nothing to prevent stalkers? Peacocks. Oatmeal. Fireflies. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. They all should've thought about stalkers. Bloody slackers.   

       This app was for places like the trampoline park where you have to let your kids run around but still want to know where to look because of things like sprained ankles that occasionally happen. If a tag suspiciously goes dark randomly in a place with controlled exit locations it shouldn't be difficult to find a suspect on a camera.   

       Triangulation could be achieved by the park's networked sensors and have nothing to do with your phone. Plenty of such trilateration devices exist with 1-2 meter accuracy. Log in to the system over Wi-fi or even cellular to follow a digital ID as the system simply has to output a set of coordinates.
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2022


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