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Video Door Bell Santa

Neighborhood Watch
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If you have a video door bell, nowadays, you'd notice neighborhood alarms, people talking about suspicious activity in the neighborhood and the like. The video clips are posted to a network of your neighbors.

A fun thing the vendors of such door bells can do for the holiday is to insert realistic videos of Santa arriving and dropping of gifts to your door.

theircompetitor, Dec 24 2021

Forum discussion https://forums.wyze...-by-accident/207514
[a1, Dec 24 2021, last modified Dec 25 2021]


       Wyze beat you to it; they’ve been promoting it for a week or so. Customers who opt in can have a midnight video of Santa’s arrival on their Wyze cameras this year.   

       (added the text from the offer, and link to a wyze forum discussion about it):   

       “Ho Ho Ho - I know there are many good children that have parents who buy Wyze products! As a special treat, I'm going to allow myself to be caught on camera for 1 Wyze Cam per home! If you want to share the magic of Santa with your kids, click the button below to opt-in and look for the Event recorded at 12:00 AM on Christmas Day !- Merry Christmas one and all!”
a1, Dec 24 2021

       damn really
theircompetitor, Dec 24 2021

       +so I’m leaving this bun for Santa
xandram, Dec 24 2021

       Well, we got our visit from St. Nick on Wyze cam, but it was disappointing. No superimposed on the actual view from our camera, just him walking in across a red backdrop and briefly turning to face the camera.   

       So a bun for [theircompetitor] in the hope that Wyze or someone else can do better next year.
a1, Dec 25 2021

       Jews can have the Rebbe of Belze (who was ordained as a child which in Yiddish is called a Yingelle) ring the bell.   

       The project will be called Yingell Belz.   

       If instead of the Belzer we have the Rebbe of Pavloff and if he comes a day late (Which is the custom of many Chassidic Rebbes) and at lunch time, we could always ask "Does the word lunch ring a bell?"
pashute, Dec 29 2021

theircompetitor, Dec 29 2021

       pashute, that was funny. theircometitor, brilliant.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2021

       Door bell cameras catching porch pirates can announce that they've filmed "Saint Nicked your Shit".
AusCan531, Dec 30 2021


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