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Know where there at when you need to.
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Simply just childrens footware that have a small gps device inserted inside. This will help prevent many bad scenarios that may and do happen to children all over the world. It's small and it's simple. Also the price may be higher but it is worth it in the end, if you ever encounter a problem that may have required this product in the beginning. It can be used for many dillemas and problems.
jordan_buffett, Apr 22 2008

Tracking Jacket http://gizmodo.com/...plicants-314515.php
One of a great many items on the market. [DrCurry, Apr 22 2008]

Tracking Sneakers http://www.foxnews....2933,251122,00.html
[DrCurry, Apr 22 2008]

GPS Shoes, for Alzheimer's Patients and Prostitutes? http://news.discove...titutes-111028.html
[Dub, Oct 30 2011]

GPS shoe lets families keep track of elderly relatives http://www.physorg....erly-relatives.html
[Dub, Feb 05 2012]


       We hammered this into the ground once. It may have been a non-footwear device, but that's trivial. And that idea had a better, clearer title that described it. This title is the category it should be in.   

       The problem with GPS is that it only gets a good position signal outside--if your child is in a mall or a dungeon, the position is lost. The perception many folks have about GPS receivers is that they just somehow broadcast a position signal--but broadcasting the position requires a whole 'nother device, with its batteries, circuitry and antenna, and that device's signal may not get out of a building.
baconbrain, Apr 22 2008

       It may even not get a signal if the antenna is under the foot. Plus you'll need a transmitter of some sort, plus most GPS receivers are heavy on power, so be prepared for high battery costs. And all of what [bb] said.
sp. "dilemma"
coprocephalous, Apr 22 2008

       Widely Baked, now. Teddy bears, jackets, shoes, clip-ons for clothing or shoelaces - there's a plethora of kiddy tracking devices out there on Google.   

       And in response to baconbrain's objection, most will tell you where the child last was before the signal was lost, which will pinpoint that dungeon. And some are touted as working indoors (having once lost a young boy in a department store, for a few minutes, I can appreciate that).
DrCurry, Apr 22 2008

       Good links, [DrC]. I noticed that the shoes require that a button be pushed to send out a signal, and the jacket seems to work only outside in the yard. That's more devices than I expected, but they have limits, even if not advertised.   

       Yes, any help is better than nothing, and losing a child is horrifying (I walk my 13-year-old home from school, much to her disgust). I'm just a bit miffed by folks that think GPS is magic. They'd stuff their child into a GPS jacket and ignore him, then scream at the police when something goes wrong.
baconbrain, Apr 22 2008

       What if both shoes had proximity detectors in them and they only sent out a signal if the shoes were separated by more than 20 feet? This is usually a sign of something being wrong, and children could be taught to take off one shoe if they are ever in an emergency.
phundug, Apr 22 2008

       A non-conspicuous tracking device on a child seems to me you just want to be able to find the body after something happens and get on with the lawsuits.   

       If artificial security is a real concern, there are "kid's cellphones" which can call/receive to/from a preprogrammed (by the parent) list of numbers; I imagine some of those have GPS's and are gaudily incorporated into bracelets or pendants or belt-pouches, whatever.
FlyingToaster, Apr 22 2008

       // once lost a young boy in a department store //   

       Museums are good too, but the little sods can move pretty quickly - it can be hard to shake them off. Best to have a fast car waiting outside, and sneak out when they're distracted. Make sure they have no money or documents, and nothing that can trace them back to you.
8th of 7, Apr 22 2008

       //Simply just childrens footware that have a small gps device inserted inside.// You may have misunderstood what GPS is.   

       All this will do is enable your child's shoe to know exactly where it is. What is the use of that?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2008

       //All this will do is enable your child's shoe to know exactly where it is. What is the use of that?//
Well, if it could at least say "I'm under the sofa", that would be a start.
I'm guessing you don't have children [MB].
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 22 2008

       "I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes."   

       "Okay, where?"   

       "You gots 'em on your feets."
baconbrain, Apr 22 2008

       A version of this was baked in an Uncle Scrooge(?) comic decades ago; simply just radioactive buttons sewed onto the kids' scout hats so he could track them with a Geiger counter.
spidermother, Oct 30 2011


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