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Variable Elastic Shoe Inserts

Variable tensity inserts under sole of shoe
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Underneath the heel, a horizontal slot, about the width of a credit card and the depth of three, runs from heel to toe. An elastic insert attaches to a built-in tensioner in the shoe that locks the insert into the slot.

That's the concept; the details are still sketchy.

I'm thinking the insert would look rectangular, but with rounded ends. One end would have a reinforced hole that would accept the tensioner, the other end would be anchored in the heel, when locked into the slot. To tension the elastic band, the shoe would be bent from the toe upwards (foot not in shoe). The farther the shoe is bent, the more tension the band would sustain. The tensioner would then sustain tension until a special release mechanism was triggered (bending the shoe in half?).

Holeinmysock, Oct 17 2007


Noexit, Oct 17 2007

       it mends his/her name of course
xenzag, Oct 17 2007

       Xenzag is right, Duh, noexit.   

       Why? Calf workouts, and perhaps the ability to jump higher than you!
Holeinmysock, Oct 18 2007

       For jumping higher you get a bun.
Noexit, Oct 18 2007


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