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Toaster Shoes

Toast on the go!
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Walking down the street, got some bread?

Toast it up! Yum!

globaltourniquet, Jul 25 2007

Toaster Shoe Toaster_20Shoe
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       How do these shoes toast bread?
skinflaps, Jul 25 2007

       Yes. See, they are toasters that you can wear on your feet, and which are powered by your walking.   

       Toaster Shoes.
globaltourniquet, Jul 25 2007

       where do you keep your loaf?
po, Jul 25 2007

       Hey, and it would keep your feet warm !
normzone, Jul 25 2007

       //where do you keep your loaf?//   

       Never you mind.
noncompliance, Jul 25 2007

       /which are powered by your walking./   

       When you walk you have around 1500W to spare?
Texticle, Jul 25 2007

       I generate at least 1500W while I sleep. At least I sound like a motor that does.
globaltourniquet, Jul 26 2007

       [BrauBeaton] For only a penny, perhaps?
globaltourniquet, Jul 27 2007

       [Brevity] at the Bakery... that's a tough game.   

       Out of interest, anyone know a particularly successful, but extremely short, idea?
theleopard, Jul 30 2007


       //Brevity// sp:breville.
skinflaps, Jul 30 2007


theleopard, Jul 30 2007

       [Scraping the burnt bits off his toes.]
DrCurry, Jul 30 2007

       Where exactly does the bread go? You must have extremely wide feet, globalturn. Also, hot toes may be nice in winter, but sweating feet don't need your help in summer (at least where I come from). Do these come in a sandal?
k_sra, Jul 30 2007


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