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Tradeable Criminal Record

People with criminal convictions can trade these with other for mutual advantage.
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We all know about the Kyoto protocols and the system whereby countries that produce a lot of greenhouse gases can trade for carbon credits with countries that don't.

Many people have criminal convictions for trifling lapses of judgement that haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes it would be better if the conviction was for a different offence, example maybe someone in Kalifornia has a driving conviction that stops them from getting auto insurance, simple, they trade that with someone for a socially acceptable offence for instance kiddy fiddling. Hey presto, the driver can get his car insurance and the convicted kiddy fiddler can go back to school teaching.

Now how about if you want to immigrate to the US? You will find it very difficult if you have a drugs conviction so trade with someone who has a poaching conviction in Scotland.

Supposing you would like to immigrate to Australia but dont have a criminal conviction, easy just buy one.

KiwiJohn, Feb 26 2004


       //someone who has a poaching conviction in Scotland//
Ally McCoist?
calum, Feb 26 2004

       //criminal convictions for trifling lapses of judgement that haunt them for the rest of their lives//   

       This is what "spent convictions" are for. At the judges discretion, an offence may not be recorded on a persons criminal record (it is recorded somewhere, though, for the reference of high security level employment).   

       That's what I, um, heard. From a friend.
Detly, Feb 26 2004

       Spent convictions are convictions for which
a) the sentence, whatever it was, has been served, paid, whatever
b) a specified time period (depending on jurisdiction) has elapsed since the sentences was served, paid, etc.

       If you have an unspent conviction, then you are required by law to tell employers, moneylenders, old ladies in the street. Once your conviction is spent, you can cease approaching old ladies and telling them you're a rapist. From this time, if you are asked if you have any convictions you can reply "no." Unless you are asked "Have you any spent convictions?" in which case you have to say "I'm a robber" or whatever.   

       For the purposes of sentencing for subsequent crimes, "spent" convictions can be taken into consideration. Certain convictions, such as moida and dissing the Queen, can never become spent.
calum, Feb 26 2004


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