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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Dynamic Content

TMS is a cognitive enhancer and an approved treatment for depression, and used in research. At a magnet, Pole pieces radically change magnet field output and shape. Just put a ferrite/iron dot matrix printhead [::::] in front of TMS for a changing pole piece that makes custom magnetic flux shapes and do better TMS
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation can get people to move their fingers. TMS is published as changing mental abilities and proclivities in behavioral economics and is just kind of nifty.

Putting a pole piece in front of a magnet changes its field a lot. A little Iron or ferrite circle in front of the TMS machine changes its field.

What if you put a new pole piece in front of a TMS machine 24-300 times per second? You could make "scanning bumps" live and they could be at various EEG (brainwave) frequencies. 24 frames per second is just seeing a movie frequency (note: TMS can block people from seeing individual frames in movies if it turned on for just a moment)

A nice sounding dynamic pole piece is just a ferrite/iron tipped Dot matrix printer head of yore.

It more recently than yore however so the even better 3D printed electromagnet pole piece might work. This is a grid of electromagnets, printed coils, like 1 mm big each that can be powered up to act like a pole piece on a 3 cm x 3cm board. If you stack 3 or 9 such boards you get a 3D electromagnetic computer addressible pole piece, that can make lots more shapes than just one board.

If electromagnetic coils sound iffy to you as pole pieces you could make a maypole (/ / / / /) movie holder with like 24 frames of real iron/ferrite to slide in front of the magnet at the active aperture. just slide and rotate simulataneously and get 24 changes in the movie. I have not looked it up yet, but I imagine TMS movies might make depthy (and changing) fields that relieve back pain, or can address a dodgy knee's nerves or the hands.

A big hat or circlet version could be for home use and be all electromagnets, and a 360 camera figures out what "dot matrix mangetic movie" is where. A home version could be $1.07, as much as alibaba's cheaper hairdryers (electromagnet, moviemaking plastic rotator, plastic housing, wall plug, the heating element gets removed, but you add a 10 cent bluetooth radio so it can talk to your phone or PC).

If Movie TMS does work and does something good, then computering it up so it has hairdryer cheapness but looks like a Hitachi magic wand you rub on your back or knee, providing benefit. Including a camera and CPU chip (21 cents) that does 360 vision and can identify which part of the head it is on, magnetically stimulates your head in hundreds of different published [link] ways.

beanangel, Dec 25 2020

TMS for cognitive enhancement https://mentalhealt...gnetic-stimulation/
[beanangel, Dec 25 2020]

$1.07 plug in hairdryer at alibaba.com https://www.alibaba...itle.73352380IWyiON
[beanangel, Dec 25 2020]

different pole pieces sound different https://www.dummies...in-a-guitar-pickup/
[beanangel, Dec 25 2020]

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       Also kinescopic and 3D TMS with moving pole pieces might generate fun commentary and aesthetic preferences:   

       "The use of steel pole pieces versus magnet pole pieces constitutes one of the most significant variables in pickup design:   

       Magnet pole pieces tend to have a relatively clearer, tighter, more focused sound, with crisp highs and firm lows.   

       Steel pole pieces tend to have a relatively thicker, meatier sound, with a little more hair around the note. [link]
beanangel, Dec 25 2020

       If I understand this correctly, the currently demonstrated abilities of TMS include preventing a person from seeing an individual frame of video, and we are to infer from this that the same technology can therefore present a frame of video.   

       Can it?   

       It seems a bit like arguing that, because existing land mines can blow off limbs, a slightly more sophisticated land mine could fit prosthetic extra limbs.
pertinax, Dec 25 2020


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