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Transit Officer-NYC

Your the cop on the beat in the worlds most toughest setting
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In this interactive game, you are a rookie transist police office in NYC. Armed with a .45 auto, your radio, and a few other police gadgets, your character starts off patroling the trains of NYC. Along the way you can meet such lovely characters as muggers, gangs, and the ever present perv. The graphics will potray you as a cool cop: leather jacket just like the real cops wear, first person shooter, and the brim of your cap. You score points by how you handle things: less points for shootings (unless warrented), more points for writing out tickets and settling disputes. The Wii will feature a light gun and the controls will also feature the control, which can be used as a baton, beating down the perps. After each session you will be rated and can get promoted.
Dogcat, Mar 22 2008

Alan Partridge Ideas http://www.youtube....watch?v=QUTFm55I_9g
Almost as prolific as Dogcat... [Fishrat, Mar 23 2008]


       /the worlds most toughest setting/ Would that be Iraq? Chechnya? Angola? Darfur?   

       Can I suggest that in order for a movie/game idea to do well here, you need more than the following:

       Tough, all-American hero
Desperate situation
Female sidekick
Readily disposable baddies

       ...because the result just looks like a Stallone, Schwartzenegger or Willis movie, and they've been done to death.   

       Your Curse of Talbot Hall idea was better - there were artistic and creative elements and a sense of style, although I'm not sure that battling police, villagers and the rest of the Hammer Horror cast really adds much to it. It would be better as a point-and-click adventure in my own opinion.   

       On a side note, you can at least spell and put together coherent sentences such that your ideas are easily understood. I realise that sounds blisteringly patronizing, but you'd be surprised how often it's not true.
david_scothern, Mar 22 2008

       // you can at least spell //
sp."you're", "transit", "patrolling", "portray, "warranted",
gr. "fewer points".
Welcome to the HB [dogcat], that's an impressive array of fishbones. [-]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 23 2008

       Wondering just where Dogcat gets his pictures of the world. New York City is pretty darn safe these days, and the buses and subways really are tame.   

       I'd say fishbone, but that goes without saying for these lame ideas.
DrCurry, Mar 23 2008

       Are you guys boning the ideas or the person? One PC-based cop RPG was made for the Commodore 64 and it turned out beautifully.
Voice, Mar 24 2008


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