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A game in which you have to do virtual DIY, gaining points for speed and quality ("Also available! - Wii IKEA - assemble virtual flatpack furniture!").
hippo, Sep 09 2011

Inspired by… cordless_20screwdriver_20shaped_20wiimote
[hippo, Sep 09 2011]


       So not getting the soldering iron and superglue out because someone's been overenthusiastic and tripped over the power cable then?
pocmloc, Sep 09 2011

       Presumably this software features spousal AI that interjects, just as you are in the act of hammering, "I wouldn't've done it like that". Points deducted for misuse of tools.
calum, Sep 09 2011

       This should be part of a complete "Wii Slob" suite, including virtual cooking, cleaning, childcare and all the stuff normal people call life.   

       Participants would be able to avoid reality completely, leaving it to those of us who appreciate it.
Twizz, Sep 09 2011

       The Wii Cooking could include an option that automatically orders actual food of the type made to be delivered.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 13 2011

       //leaving it to those of us who appreciate it// You can keep it.
mouseposture, Oct 13 2011


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