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Wii Anywhere

Wii remote with GPS and cellular connectivity
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Add an extra chip to the Wii controller to allow it to transmit data (regular gyroscopic readings + GPS) via cellular network to the console at home.

Enter Wii:pedometer, Wii:SkyJmpr, Wii:Spy, etc.

xipetotec, Sep 13 2007


       Um, what exactly is the point of that?
DrCurry, Sep 13 2007

       Stick a broom up its USB port and it can sweep the floor on its way out.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2007

       kind of hard to see the screen when your falling from 30000 feet dontcha think?
jhomrighaus, Sep 13 2007

       The point is further integration of Wii into the daily life. E.g. with Wii:pedometer you could enter an online contest of who walks (and fights obesity/warming) the most. With Wii:SkyJmpr you get online cred by having the proof you actually did jump, not just bragging about it.   

       So this would be more like those "Achievements" that X-box has, but you have to go out into the real word to get them. Jump with a parachute 2 times and have a secret low-gravity Mario level unlocked -- which you will appreciate more after actually skydiving.
xipetotec, Sep 13 2007

       I could see the point of this. I'd buy it.   

       Why not just have the remote sync your data to the console when you take it home?   

       Wii Pedometer would make a great addition to Wii sport's fitness section.   

       I like the idea of getting achievements by doing things in the real world.   

       Just one ?, what if someone has a physical limitation that would prevent them from doing physically demanding things to get free game levels, like skydiving?   

       Anyway, bun. [+]
wolstech, Sep 14 2007

       [wolstech]Secret levels can be optional -- and there, of course, can be several types of those with different "achievements" required to unlock them.
xipetotec, Sep 14 2007

       I like this. Remove the GPS and just make it a motion data capture device . The kids can move about in daily life to make keys that activate extras when playing the Wii . Hopefully it would cause more healthy energetic play . Name = Wii-about .
wjt, Jan 12 2009

       A sensor bar is needed for the motion tracking; I doubt GPS alone would be able to take its place. Perhaps an altimeter is also needed?
ed, Jan 12 2009

       Yes, reminds me of untrained kittens.
theleopard, Jan 13 2009


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