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Transparent Bagpipes

see through bag-pipes
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At last the mystery of the what goes on inside the devilish instrument can be revealed with the introduction of the new Transparent Bagpipe.

Made of a super-soft, but tough clear plastic, that perfectly immitates the behavour of the bagpipe's more traditional cousin, the transparency finally exposes to all, the previously secret action of the hidden, treacle infested, wheezing lungs of this arcane apparatus.

xenzag, Sep 02 2007

Kilt for Po http://www.telegrap...F05%2Fefkilt05.html
See guy in the center [kbecker, Sep 03 2007]


       transparent kilts? ;)
po, Sep 02 2007

       What happens when the RSPCA figure out that the pipes are powered by a choir of tribbles?
wagster, Sep 02 2007

       [po]: Careful now!
Jinbish, Sep 02 2007

       What *does* go on inside? And will the bagpiper be wearing a transparent kilt as wel?
DrCurry, Sep 02 2007

       I'd vote for silent bagpipes.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 02 2007

       As interesting the internal workings of the pipes may be, it is quite likely that a set in use will contain more than its fair share of spit and lungdew - not necessarily a pretty sight (something that might also be said for the contents of a Scotsman's kilt)   

       I remember being in the school orchestra and watching the wind instrumentalists empty their instruments into a bucket after the performance (though, it may have just been the brass section)
zen_tom, Sep 02 2007

       Lung butter...
wagster, Sep 02 2007

       [po], I think you may have prompted the answer to "What do scotsmen wear under their kilts?"
Answer: Transparent underwear
Ling, Sep 03 2007

       But nowt goes on inside the bag. It’s just a bag/bellows from which the air is squeezed out down the drone pipes and chanter.   

       All you’d see is air going in and out and air is, well, also transparent. Perhaps if the player were to blow coloured smoke in it would be interesting.
squeak, Sep 03 2007

       //But nowt goes on inside the bag// You've been fooled and deceived by Scotch Mist. There's lungs in there I tell you - groaning, moaning, wailing, droning, wheezing lungs, (well there are in the transparent version) and now the secret's out!
xenzag, Sep 03 2007

       t'would be interesting +
xandram, Sep 03 2007

       **trite amurikn sentiment alert* I gave a - but only because I would miss the beauty of the bags. *t.a.s.a*
dentworth, Sep 03 2007

       are we still talking about pipes?
po, Sep 03 2007

       The bag of the bagpipe is opaque for a reason and the reason is related to the multi-functionality of the bagpipes. As a whole unit, the bagpipes are a musical instrument, yes. But the bagpipe bag is, in fact, also an incubation chamber for the haggis, where up to nine of the newborn beasties are kept warm and damp and are lulled to sleep by the gentle skirl of the instrument, until such time as they are a large enough to burst, face-hugger like, from the bag, to scurry away into the sheeptracks through the purpling September heather.
calum, Sep 03 2007

       I knew [calum] would explain matters clearly.
wagster, Sep 03 2007

       He breeds them !
xenzag, Sep 03 2007

       nine of witch beasties calum?   

       little haggae? sheep? I'm so confused.
dentworth, Sep 03 2007

       confused?...but beautifully so.
xandram, Sep 03 2007

       I've seen a transparent clarinet. Treacle infested is right - and bagpipes must be ten times worse, with a sump instead of a drain at the bottom.   

       Irish Uilleann pipes would be better if you find treacle infestation a bit hard to take - the air in them doesn't come from the innards of a Scotsman - nor from the innards of an Irishman nor woman, neither.
Cosh i Pi, Sep 04 2007

       I like plaid.
dentworth, Sep 04 2007

       It's tartan, lass, tartan!
wagster, Sep 04 2007

       Would like to say this idea wouldn't work in an iron lung, but bastard bagpipes probably would.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 04 2007

       but plaid is clean and unslimey from any creatures growing on them. it. apparently
dentworth, Sep 04 2007


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