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Transparent Dangling Carrot Mobile

How *about* them transparent dangling carrots?
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Taking a cue from a line in Alanis Morrisette's "Thank U," I was thinking a mobile of transparent dangling carrots would be just the thing to hang over my desk and keep me motivated. Maybe it could even have a little music box, gently tinkling the tune as the carrots revolve... and occasionally drop down, almost close enough to touch....
smendler, Sep 27 2013

Lyrics... http://www.azlyrics...issette/thanku.html
[normzone, Sep 29 2013]


       If you actually built this, it would be ironic. In the Alanis Morissette sense. Which is to say, not ironic at all.
ytk, Sep 29 2013

       Except for the fact that nothing was ironic which is a pretty significant irony. Although I think atleast one thing she said was ironic afterall, so really it's just an OK sounding song that's pretty much meaningless noise.   

       As for this idea, I don't really understand why you would be motivated by clear carrots, but OK.
rcarty, Sep 29 2013

       orange stalactites of doom
FlyingToaster, Sep 29 2013

       I keep wondering....If you are sufficiently motivated to eat the transparent carrots, will either your eyesight or insight improve?
jurist, Sep 29 2013

       Walerloo. Fimfim trolley tim bombs. I don't get this. Is this some kind of a UK joke? Sometimes I don't know whether its that I'm autistic or American, but all the jokes seem to go over my head. Or maybe no one is making jokes and I am just not getting life. Sometimes I think this is why I love the halfbakery, because its an exagerated version of real life, which might as well be a random letter generator that occasionally spits out a word I recognize but never in close enough proximity to another word I recognize to make the while thing make sense. I am not unhappy this way but I occasionally wonder where the meaning is.
JesusHChrist, Sep 29 2013

       Oh, I just saw the lyrics.
JesusHChrist, Sep 29 2013

       Ok do my rsnt doesn't make sense here. The sentiment still stands in general. I sm going to paste my rant into another idea I don't get.
JesusHChrist, Sep 29 2013

       Can you make another model specifically marketed to [English Majors] babies with dangling participles? Whatever, me likey. [+]
Grogster, Sep 29 2013

       Heh, my brother calls her Alanis More-upset...   

       My dogs just ate my "special food issue" of Scientific American.
How ironic is that?

       Actually, not very believe it or not. It's more quaint than ironic. Ironic would be if they ate the tasteless version, or the inedibles version, or surprisingly if they "didn't' eat the the special food version.   

       Go tell somebody hey the most ironic thing happened "my dogs didn't eat my sspecial food issue!"
rcarty, Sep 29 2013

       I bought a magazine about food to read, my dogs eat it and no other magazine in the stack... and that's not ironic?   

       I understand nothing!

       Your issue has inspired me to write an idea. It's *something* but it's not ironic. I mean it's a coincidence, that the magazine was about food, and a good anecdote, but not really ironic.
rcarty, Sep 29 2013

       Thank you smendler [+]
MikeD, Sep 30 2013

       Maybe it's just an artifact of my personal paradigm, but when I even think of dangling effigial carrots over my workstation it automatically makes me wonder "so where's the stick?"
Alterother, Sep 30 2013

       The dogs are more than just dimensionally challenged [bigsleep].   

       Sorry [smendler] for going off on a tangent. The transparent carrots could be prismatic and cast rainbows. Not that that helps any... but you have to admit that it wouldn't hurt.   

       [Alterother] I've found that the stick is usually obscured by the other dropping shoe.   

       Ah, so eating the transparent carrot DOES improve insight!
jurist, Oct 01 2013


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