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Transparent VR goggles

Still be able to socialize
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I cryptomnesed my own variation on [Ian Tindale]'s idea to put an informational display on the outside of VR goggles [link] and thought it was worth posting as its own idea.

Some VR goggles have a camera on the outside so that you can see your R (reality) surroundings in them while you have them on.

I propose additionally doing the inverse: Put a screen on the outside, and cameras inside. That way, other people around you can see your facial expressions as you talk to them. Flexible and non-rectangular screens are going to become common over the next few years, so I hope this gets implemented.

It would be a bit weird at first to hold a conversation with a person whose eyes and eye bezels appear to be two inches in front of their face, but humans can get used to a lot of strange stuff.

N/A [2017-02-26]

notexactly, Dec 18 2018

Outward Facing VR Display [Ian Tindale]'s idea, which I annoed on the above mentioned date [notexactly, Dec 18 2018]




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