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Virtual Mental Illness

A computer game/simulation that helps others understand what it's like to be insane.
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This might be similar to Sim-Someone Else's Shoes, but ... after spending a few too many hours playing The Sims, I notice that it has an effect on how I perceive reality. For a brief time, everything feels a little flat and digitized and when I go outside people appear to be "Sim-like" (robotic, etc.) as they walk down the street. I'm not crazy, really, but I am a psychology student, so I notice these things and I know that this sensation is similar to what schizophrenics experience when they "split" from reality.

Seeing that a computer game has the effect of subtley altering one's mental state in a way that mimics the symptoms of psychosis, I envision a computer simulation that would *induce* the symptoms of a psychotic break (in a closed, controlled and safe laboratory environment, of course). This would enable doctors and other interested parties to better understand, relate to and empathize with those suffering from various forms of mental illness. It would not necessarily help treat or cure mental illness, but it would at least help us understand where that crazy guy shouting on the corner is coming from.

gazelle, Apr 03 2003

Schizophrenia VR simulator http://www.npr.org/.../aug/schizophrenia/
[kevindimie, Oct 04 2004]


       Godspeed! I've been psychotic before and indeed, it's a rush. Implanting the deluded conceptual perceptions will be your major roadblock. Good luck.
effervescent, Apr 03 2003

       This is baked, but only for one kind of mental illness (I forget which). It's still a great idea. Make one for every kind.
galukalock, Apr 03 2003

       Baked for schizophrenia. See link. Also has been used in reverse--to convince schizophrenics that what they're seeing is delusion. A great idea anyway.
kevindimie, Apr 03 2003

       This was the plot of most of the old "Mission:Impossible" television shows.
("this tape will self-destruct in seven seconds...")
By the end, pretty much every episode was: exploit weakness of despotic villain by immerse him/her in a contrived virtual/artificial environment that made him question his sanity and/or fool him into doing something self-destructive.
Kind of like the half-bakery.
roby, Apr 03 2003

       Having just been diagnosed with a "depressive illness", not even thinking about such a thing until earlier this week, I understand that you can take drugs to simulate such an experience. Believe me, it's not worth trying.   

       <taking hugs of sympathy at the back door>
PeterSilly, Apr 04 2003


       thank you for the verse - you sent some warmth my way, just when I needed it. thank you, Peter.
po, Apr 04 2003

       Welcome to the club, Silly!
waugsqueke, Apr 04 2003

       I once knew someone who banged their head against the wall - because they thought it was amusing. I am pretty sure it contributed to his early death. not sure where this fits in here but wat dan ook.
po, Apr 04 2003

       I thought the tape self-destructed in 5...
galukalock, Apr 04 2003

       whats the dif?
po, Apr 04 2003

       [po] - no problem. Glad you appreciated it.   

       [waugs] - I'd rather not, thanks. I don't intend to remain a member for longer than I can help.
PeterSilly, Apr 04 2003

       ... and to think I went to the doc to discuss starting treatment for a sex change ...
PeterSilly, Apr 04 2003

       I like this idea so very much: to put yourself in someone else's shoes; it could change the world. After all, we see everything through a glass, darkly. If we understood better why others act the way they act, or why their beliefs are different than ours, this planet would become a happier, more peaceful place.
Pericles, Apr 05 2003

(the) Future's made of virtual insanity now
Always seem to, be govern'd by this love we have
For useless, twisting, our new technology
Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground
neilp, Jan 04 2006


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