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The Floor is Lava

jump on the furniture
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For those who are too old or big to play, live in a too small apartment or don't want their kids walking all over the furniture playing the real life version of this game. Many levels to play and explore or create and furnish your own custom houses with a sims like editor. You could also shrink down your avatar and switch to floor is ice mode to re-enact the Tom and Jerry episode where they flood the house and freeze the water. Differs from the sims in that, if your avatar touches the floor (in lava mode), they will actually die and you will have to start over and create a new one. No do overs.
jaksplat, Feb 16 2009

floor is lava http://en.wikipedia...iki/Hot_Lava_(game)
[jaksplat, Feb 16 2009]

finally https://killscreen....utm_campaign=buffer
[jaksplat, Aug 31 2016]

Laver https://en.wikipedi...iki/Laver_(seaweed)
[not_morrison_rm, Sep 01 2016]


       what is the difference to any jump'n run game ever?
loonquawl, Feb 16 2009

       the normal house setting and the shrink down factor are the main differences
jaksplat, Feb 16 2009

       ...oh yeah, and the fact that the floor is LAVA!
jaksplat, Feb 16 2009

       [+] How about a physical version of this game? Don't play if you get cold feet.
placid_turmoil, Feb 17 2009

       Virtual reality HUD display needs this, if maybe just to train freerunners.
RayfordSteele, Aug 01 2016

       Apparently Laver is full of iodine and iron.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 01 2016


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