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Transparent henna breath freshening toothpaste

transparent henna gloms onto cheeks and tongue; modified henna molecule has "perfume" to freshen breath
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I think I put a previous idea “transparent henna sunscreen” up here. This is really similar only it freshens breath.

Imagine the henna molecule modified to be perfumed or deodorizing. Swish it around your mouth and your cheeks and tongue stay coated producing a couple months of fresh breath.

Fortunately you do not need the henna. Henna attaches to tissue with something called the michael reaction [link] so many other molecules, preferably transparent and neutral flavored could do it. Link those molecules to a perfume or possibly something like the polystarch febreze to sweeten the breath.

This could be a once a month mouthwash or even a toothpaste additive. Swish it around your mouth and your tongue and cheeks are coated with a breath deodorizer or perfume. Perhaps low doses could be put in toothpase, so your breath is cumulatively fresher the more you use.

beanangel, Dec 25 2017

wikipedia michael reaction https://en.wikipedi...ki/Michael_reaction
[beanangel, Dec 25 2017]

Glaxo Smith Kline say they want new ideas and have a web form to gather them! https://innovation....deas/submit-an-idea
[beanangel, Dec 25 2017]


       //Swish it around your moth// Yep, bad-smelling moths are a bane.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2017

       Nature usually gives us clues for a reason. Cover them up at your peril.
wjt, Dec 25 2017


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