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Ultrasonic Melodies

Programmed dental pick for kid-ly enjoyment
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Nowadays a trip to the dentist includes a fang-vibrating encounter with an ultrasonic tool that not only feels, but also sounds pretty vile. Soooo why not program the ultrasonic tool's vibration rate to vary a wee bit and generate some simple tunes? I'm thinking it would be a good distraction from the inevitable discomfort and it's a new realm for musical expression.
Steamboat, Feb 09 2011


       The pitch goes down when the drill slows as it cuts through tooth and bone. If the dentist were paying closer attention it would not be hard to do this to coincide with a musical score. Perhaps rather than a solo instrument, a piece suitable for accompaniment witth drill on tooth could be chosen, and played to both dentist and patient. The dentist would have the advantage of practice as well.
bungston, Feb 09 2011

       \\The pitch goes down when the drill slows as it cuts through tooth and bone.\\   

       This would make me phobic of bass solos for the rest of my life.
CyberCod, May 27 2011


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