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Transvection Protection

A windshield for the nocturnally inclined.
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Have you ever heard the expression “cold as a witches tit”, my dearies? There’s a reason for that you know. Zooming around the October night skies dressed only in a flimsy, black dress can best be described as a ‘bracing’ experience.

To my addled, old brain’s way of thinking, it’s about time that witchery leapt crazily into the twentieth century (I’m reserving judgement on the twenty first century for the moment).

Anyhoo, what I’m suggesting is that besoms should be redesigned to include a handy crossbar to which can be fitted a lightweight fairing, just to keep the wind from blowing where it aint wanted. I doubt that it'll stop me from being a crone but it might reduce my penchant for cackling insanely.
WickedWitch, Oct 31 2001

Not exactly Baked http://www.theshop....nznat/shpg/2254.htm
but with these you might not get as cold as, well, a witch's tits. [DrBob, Oct 31 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Broomtsick Fun for Harry Potter fans http://news.bbc.co....uk/wales/828675.stm
These Quidditch players might become very cold as well. [Aristotle, Oct 17 2004]


       Croissant, purely for the shrewd choice of category.
stupop, Oct 31 2001

       Legend usually has it that witches are cold-blooded, and need pay no heed to chill. I guess that ain't so.
DrBob, Oct 31 2001

       I was under the assumption that the cold teet had to do with a brass <I>bustier</I>...or is that mis-stated lore as well? I would think that the metallic garments worn while cruising the stratosphere broom-back at high speeds would only compound this problem.
zencoder, Oct 31 2001

       Bless you missy blissy, but sticky-out nipples is one of the few attractions us old ‘uns have got.

You’re a bright one though, zencoder. As you have perceptively observed, metallic undies only serve to make your privates seize up all the quicker, just ask any brass monkey.

And if we didn’t feel the cold, DrBob, we wouldn’t spend nearly so much time jumping up & down round a bonfire, would we? After all, it’s a dead giveaway aint it. Oct 31st, big bonfire at midnight, must be witches.
WickedWitch, Oct 31 2001

       [UB] I theeenk they've banned weeetches in Austrayyyyyylia too.
Helium, Nov 01 2001

       This makes me think burning witches at the stake was a kindness.
pottedstu, Nov 05 2001

       petersealy: you watch Black Adder? I never woulda thunk it!   

       blissmiss: I guess your niplet thingies are Baked (see link).
DrBob, Nov 05 2001

       I want my broomstick upgraded to the 21st century. I need texting facilities to text the coven and internet connection is a must. mile-high halfbakery club here I come
po, Oct 31 2002


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