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Two arm rests

On airplanes
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Theres tall people and short people. I am a tall person who like to rest my arm when I am in an airplane. The problem is I have to lean to get my arm to lay flat on the arm rest. The leaning of course is bad for the back. So I propose that airplanes install another arm rest 4 inches above the lower arm rest so there is some place to for a taller person to put his or her arms. This would also eliminate arm rest sharing.
Antegrity, Dec 31 2005


       tallies to the back of the aircraft please.
benfrost, Dec 31 2005

       fuckin segregation man....
Antegrity, Jan 01 2006

       What about an arm rest that expands. Gets wider.
Antegrity, Jan 02 2006

       so that's what 'expands' means... why not cut off one of the arms if you don't want to share (+)
xenzag, Jan 02 2006

       Why not a little crank on the armrest that raises it? Then we don't need to segregate.
PollyNo9, Jan 04 2006

       Yeah something to double the size of both armrests. I was thinking two wings that slide out from the armrest. Like the wings on a f14 tomcat.
Antegrity, Jan 04 2006

       i have better solution: just put a crank to raise the armrest.
FireElf, Jul 18 2006


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