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A game similar to "The Crimson Room" & the "MOTAS" but with story
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Okay, lately I've seen some awesome trapped, you gotta get out kinda games. I want to propose one being made with a story. It would be like, after you escape your room you meet up with other people who escaped theirs (CPU) after some banter you attempt to escape the Colored rooms. Near the end, you would have a choice between escaping, saving a comrade, or exacting revenge on the twisted person who locked you all in hear. Multiple endings? This would be a really awsome game.AWESOME!!!
Tangora, Oct 02 2005

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       What a coincidence.   

       I played the crimson room earlier today, along with anoither game I found randomly, modeled after the crimson room, and also hapland 1 & 2.
DesertFox, Oct 02 2005


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