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Trash Bot

Trash can that follows you
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I want a trash can that will come when I call it. It would be voice commanded. Maybe with a built in vacuum cleaner. When the bag is full it heat seals it before placing it at a collection point and then loads a new bag.
duroncrush, Nov 03 2005

Moving trash can catches your waste http://www.engadget...-can-mod/#continued
[xaviergisz, Jul 23 2012]

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       I had one of these. She was a corgi cross.
Adze, Nov 03 2005

       When I was a kid, I was indeed the "trash bot". I was also the the voice activated TV Remote, remote car starter, and the automated lighting controller.
Jscotty, Nov 04 2005

       I *really* want my trash to stay behind when I toss it, not follow me around!
DrCurry, Nov 04 2005

       A lot of murder victims are disposed of in trash; does this autodial 911/999 if it detects human body parts?
Phrontistery, Jul 24 2012


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