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Trash Can Arms

For assistance in the removal of a filled trash bag.
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It's often difficult to over come the static frictional forces between the trash bag and the inside of the can, due to the natural elasticity of the trash bag and its contents. It might be a big help to garbage men around the world if all trash cans were equipped with folding arms, with the hinge at ground level. To remove the bag, simply step on the arms and lift; the weight of a human being will easily over come any frictional forces, greatly expediting the procedure.
Cuit_au_Four, May 30 2006

A bit like this little fella! http://barryowen.pw...akery/Dusty_Bin.gif
Rubbbishy, Rubbish (garbage) bin with arms. [gnomethang, May 30 2006, last modified May 31 2006]


       well, we all know how women love to clean.
epicproblem, May 31 2006

       //Is it friction you're talking about, or a vacuum?//Just perforate the top two thirds.
ldischler, May 31 2006


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