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Trash can repair service

A service to repair trash cans.
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Cans cost 15 to 80 dollars. Most die from loss of wheels or handles or the bottom has a hole worn in it grown too large. Most of the can is still in useable condition when tossed out.

Service would trade repaired cans for those that need repair.

Maybe 2 or 5 worn out can for each repaired one.

Repair Steps:

1. sand blast or chemical bath to get down to raw plastic or metal.

2. Welding or riveting on new parts as required. Maybe a remold process or glue on boot could be developed.

3. Adding weights for those cans used in recycle yards as measuring devices.

Background activity: Trading for old cans, lids, wheels, plastic, metals, fasteners needed to continue repairs.

Other uses for worn out garbage cans after a cleaning:

planters, table bases, solar dryers, pet cages, basket ball hoops, feeders, storage bins, targets, toddler playground

popbottle, Apr 15 2014


       Technically, this is the wrong category for a *service*.
xandram, Apr 16 2014


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