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Treasure Cooler

Beer My Prayer, Lord
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A portable cooler outfitted with a slot in the bottom that stores dry ice. This both cools the contents of the chamber and allows the dry ice vapor to bleed into the chamber.

When you open it to grab the beverage of choice, bright yellow lights turn on which are also placed in the bottom. While light pours through the dry ice vapor, small speakers placed inside play a prerecorded "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" (Angelic chorus).

leinypoo13, Aug 10 2007


       [+] very cool.
hidden truths, Aug 11 2007

       Dry ice vapor is carbon dioxide. The effect you want is the mist that arises when you add dry ice to water. So your device needs adjusting.
DrCurry, Aug 11 2007

       [+] For makin' cold beer cooler!
the dog's breakfast, Aug 11 2007

       Any party to carry before it the Ark Co2venant will be unstoppable.   

       [Dr Curry] that depends on how humid it is in your local. Around here I suspect Dry Ice would be constantly surrounded by visible mist.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 11 2007

       Dry ice makes beer explode, citing experience here. Dry ice goes away quickly. Fog machines only work when level, briefcase wont work. This effect could possibly be obtained in bursts by cooled and compressed CO2... maybe.
Bighongry, Oct 08 2007


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