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Tree Climbing Park

Park designed just for climbing trees.
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This for profit park would be full of trees, the ground would be covered in padding, like a rock climbing gym. The trees would be located and manicured to grow in such ways, that you could climb from one tree to the next, without ever touching the ground. Buying full grown trees, and the insurance, and land, would be expensive. There would be a section with small trees, for children. There could be interesting modifications, ropes, steps, holds, etc.
miggavin, Sep 12 2015


       OK, I planted the trees. Now what do we do ?   

       Wait for it. (20 years.)   

       Maybe aluminum Christmas trees?
popbottle, Sep 12 2015

       I love this if it is truly realistic. Gotta be very real and very good climbing trees. L o v e i t !
blissmiss, Sep 12 2015

       Oh yes, but camouflaged so not like those commercial rope suspension places. Hidden au naturel. A delight to find and play on, with just a hint of danger.
wjt, Sep 12 2015

       This would be a great way to test my tree-climbing diet. I have this theory (based on limited personal experience) that climbing reawakens a dormant bodyweight regulation system that evolved to make sure we didn't fall out of the trees. Just be sure that some of the branches are thin enough to make the climbing precarious, so that your body realises it's time to lose the extra pounds.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2015


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